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Preparing for work in Australia

14 March 2019

Djerriwarrh’s first ever SLPET class are looking forward to their two weeks of work placement. SLPET stands for Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training and it is a part of the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).  Our students are going to early learning centres, community houses, an aged care facility and a Coles supermarket.

Our students have been learning practical skills for working in Australia. As well as resume and interview skills, the students also learn about Australian workplace culture. I asked the students how work was different in Australia. According to Thuy, ‘In Vietnam we put our photo and date of birth on our cv. There is more focus on education. In Australia there is more focus on experience and it is hard to recognize your overseas education here.’ Hailing also commented that, ‘There is more unpaid overtime in China. In Australia there is more opportunity because employers look at more than just your education and school’.

All of the students know that work experience will help them get a job in Australia. They like the fact that Djerriwarrh’s teachers and staff arrange the SLPET work placements. They are looking forward to getting experience in real Aussie workplaces.