The AMEP has changed. More people are eligible.
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AMEP (The Adult Migrant English Program) has changed

7 April 2021

AMEP is a free program providing English language classes to migrants and humanitarian entrants to help you settle and participate in the Australian community. AMEP used to be limited to 510 hours but AMEP has now changed.

  • AMEP students can now study for longer.
  • Some people who were not eligible before, may now be eligible.
  • Some people who were not eligible because they completed their AMEP hours or reached the highest level of the program may now be eligible again.
  • For people with a visa commencement date on or before 1 October 2020, time limits for enrolling, starting and completing have now been removed.

Participating in the AMEP gives you the English you need to settle, get a job, study , help your children settle and participate more in day-to-day life in Australia.

You will have opportunities to form friendships while learning English and learning about Australia.

If you receive income support payments from Centrelink with mutual obligation requirements, the AMEP may contribute to meeting these requirements.

Child care

Child care is available for children who are under school age when you are studying in a face to face AMEP class.

Learning options

Learning for Employment provides a range of flexible learning options to help you study, including full time, part-time, evening and weekend classes.

We also offer one to one tutoring by trained volunteers. Our volunteers can come to a student’s home or a mutually convenient location such as a local library or community centre.

Am I eligible?

The AMEP is available to migrants and humanitarian entrants aged 18 years and over. This includes all permanent visa holders, some temporary visa holders and citizens who previously held an eligible visa. Migrants and humanitarian entrants 15-17 years old can participate in AMEP in some circumstances.

Contact Learning for Employment to find out if you are eligible.