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Prepare for work in Australia

With the right training and a bit of workplace experience, you will have a better chance of finding a job in Australia.

SLPET stands for Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training. It is a short course for AMEP students to prepare you for work and further training in Australia. SLPET is free if you are eligible for AMEP. Learn about work in Australia and how to get a job.

Our SLPET course will give you practical skills for work with English language support. It will also give you more confidence when you’re applying for a job. Most importantly, it includes two weeks of experience in a local workplace.

In a SLPET course you’ll learn:

  • the language used in Australian workplaces
  • how to look for work
  • how to write a resume and job application
  • what to expect and what to say at a job interview
  • about Australian workplace health and safety rules
  • the language used in Australian workplaces

Get experience – we’ll find a work placement for you.

SLPET includes a two week work placement. You don’t have to find the placement yourself – we’ll talk to you and find a placement for you.

Free childcare is also available for eligible participants.

Download the SLPET flyer here.

For more information contact us here or call 1300 253 053.