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Mohammad makes a move to real estate.

25 July 2023

Mohammad fled Afghanistan as a refugee in 2016 and arrived in Australia in October 2022. His time in AMEP, particularly the SLPET class, has allowed him to confirm his interest in working in real estate. He has had a few job interviews since finishing the SLPET class, and has just found his first job, with Reddy G Real Estate in Tarneit.

Mohammad did attend school and university in Afghanistan but had to leave before he could finish his degree. During his time in Bangkok, Thailand, Mohammad studied English and public speaking with the intention of helping other refugees access education and learn new languages. He created the Bangkok Urban Community Club, which still provides education and other opportunities to 70-80 refugee students today.

Upon arriving in Australia, Mohammad met several kind individuals who aided his settlement. He connected with an AMEP Pathways Counsellor at the Wyndham Community and Education Centre who provided him with information and guidance on pursuing a career in real estate. Thanks to her, he was able to begin studying for a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice and later joined the Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training (SLPET) Course, which he found to be extremely empowering.

The content of the SLPET course was valuable and helpful to Mohammad, providing him with practical job-seeking skills and knowledge. He particularly appreciated the support he received from the teachers and staff, as well as the opportunity to connect with his peers and build a supportive network. Mohammad gained invaluable real-world experience through a two-week work placement in a real estate office that he completed as a part of the SLPET course. The support and education he received throughout his journey in Australia have been instrumental in helping him to achieve his career goals.