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Former refugee now training to serve his community

9 July 2020

Zo Muan arrived in Australia from Myanmar (Burma) in mid 2018 with his wife. He knew almost no one here and arrived on a refugee visa wanting to start a new life. Since arriving in Australia Zo Muan has worked hard to learn English and is now studying a Diploma of Theology at Melbourne’s Whitley College. He wants to serve his community as a Christian pastor.

Zo Muan started learning English in January 2019 through the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at Learning for Employment. He arrived in Australia with very little English but he understood how important English for his future in Australia. He said to me, ‘If we can’t speak English – how will people know us?’

His desire to help other people led him to become a community contact for other recent arrivals from his home country. People would contact him and ask for help. He would translate and explain and help his community to settle into Australian life. He explained  that he has accompanied people to Centrelink, real estate agents and Vicroads. ‘If people want they can ask for help and if I’m free I will help them. Whoever needs me – they call me.’

Zo Muan has a strong Christian faith and this, with his desire to help, have led him to study theology. His passion for serving his God and his community shine through when I speak to him and I have no doubt that he will be both a support to others arriving in Australia, and also a passionate Christian leader.