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Driving into the Future

28 July 2021

Basma will be in the driver’s seat of her own future after setting up her own business as a driving instructor.

Basma was born in Iraq and came to Australia with her family on humanitarian visas over 4 years ago. The SEE program has allowed Basma to improve her English and employability skills, and create a pathway to work and owning her own business.

Whilst she was a teacher in Iraq, this career is difficult to transfer to in a primarily English speaking country when you yourself are not fluent in the language. However through her time with the SEE program Basma has been able to drastically improve her reading, writing and speaking skills.

With the guidance of her SEE teacher, Basma began thinking about the types of courses she could do to take the next step in her career. With her past experience in the teaching field she decided that she wanted to become a driving instructor. This clear career goal helped both Basma and her SEE teacher focus on the business skills she needed such as time management, planning and the ability to use technology.

Through Basma’s determination, she was able to achieve her certificate in Logistics and transport and now has her own driving school! According to Basma, “The SEE program helped me learn more English and provided me with necessary English skills for future jobs especially with Ms Bushra Francis which helped me achieve a certificate in Logistics and Transport”

We wish Basma well and look forward to hearing about her business success.


If you or someone you know is looking for a driving instructor please consider Basma. Head to for more info.