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Xiaowen’s first job in Australia

26 March 2024

Xiaowen migrated from China to Australia in 2022 and has recently started work in Australia.

In China she worked as a Business Consultant and Psychologist’s Assistant and when she arrived in Australia she quickly started in a Level 2 AMEP class. She was a diligent student who worked hard to improve her English and cultural understanding.

By 2023 she was ready to enrol in the Settlement and Language Pathways to Employment and Training (SLPET) class at Wyndham Community and Education Centre. SLPET runs for a single school term and is a part of AMEP. SLPET allows students to explore work and training options. SLPET students develop an understanding of Australian workplaces and employability skills. SLPET also includes 40 hours of work experience within an Australian workplace.

Xiaowen did part of her work placement at Wyndham Community and Education Centre and at the end of her placement her SLPET teacher suggested she apply for a job there. Her placement experience and SLPET study gave her the confidence to apply and she was successful! She has recently started as a part time Administration Office at Wyndham Community and Education Centre.