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Visiting Parliament House

29 July 2019

Two classes of our SEE students recently visited Victoria’s Parliament House. The excursion expanded on what they had learned in their classes about voting, from a speaker from the Victorian Electoral Commission. Students enjoyed an inside look at the private library, the Lower and Upper House public galleries and the splendour of the architecture of Parliament House.

As many of our SEE students were born outside Australia, they are unfamiliar with the Australian political and legal systems. The Parliament House visit provided a context for exploring these concepts. It also gave them practice at travelling outside their local area and using public transport. The gardens around Parliament House gave the students a chance to try out new vocabulary that they would not usually use in the classroom.

sAfter the excursion the students completed a follow up classroom activity identifying the responsibilities of local, state and federal government. This is relevant information that they can use in their everyday lives.