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Nelson SEEs opportunities in Allied Health 

28 August 2023

Nelson first came to Australia from Chile to play soccer but always had an interest in studying to be a physiotherapist. His SEE class has given him enough confidence with his English to enrol in a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance at RMIT. Nelson said that, ‘I feel confident that I can talk to people now and they will understand me!’ 

After living and working a large part of his life in Australia, in 2016 Nelson went back to Chile to care for his sick mother. He was ready to return to Australia in 2019, but then Nelson was shut out by covid. He was finally able to return to Australia in September 2022 and he wanted to train and work as a physiotherapist.  

He knew the first thing he needed was to work on his English and he requested support with his English from Services Australia. He was referred to SEE and enrolled on 13 February 2023. 

Nelson has been in Kate’s Level 2 class now for 6 months and has also begun to volunteer as an English tutor for the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). He recently had an interview at RMIT and has been accepted to do a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance. This will allow him to do things like assist patients with rehabilitation exercises and work alongside qualified physiotherapists.  

Nelson is looking forward to starting at RMIT, but sad to leave his SEE class. He said, ‘Studying at Djerriwarrh has given me the opportunity to talk to many people. Kate’s class made me feel secure and gave me the confidence to talk to the teacher at RMIT.’