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Mouna Sen goes from Student to Staff Member!

6 October 2021

CommUnity+’s new receptionist Mouna Sen has come a long way from her first day in the AMEP class at the same location just a year prior.

Since migrating to Australia in September 2019, Bangladesh born Mouna Sen had been searching for permanent employment. Although she had a background in customer service it was proving difficult to secure work in the field due to her limited English language skills. She said, “It is hard to find employment without Australian work experience.”

Besides a brief Christmas casual role, she had not had any other employment opportunities since moving to Australia. As she was having trouble breaking into the Australian employment market she decided to enrol in Learning for Employment’s Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) at CommUnity+. She enrolled in a course called Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training (SLPET) which is designed to prepare students for work or further training. SLPET has a work experience component, where students must complete a placement with a real employer.

Mouna Sen says that she, “got the opportunity to gain 15 days work experience in my preferred field which worked a lot for me to secure a job and gain knowledge”.

She went on to say “Before starting AMEP, I was hopeful that it would help me to socialise with new people, gain knowledge about Australian culture and find a suitable job. Now I am very glad that I took the decision to start AMEP because the whole journey was a lot more worthy than I expected. I have made a lot of new friends, I got to know plenty of new things about Australian culture, people, history, laws, work culture/environment and last but not the least I got my desired full-time job after completing my work experience.”