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From AMEP student to Childcare worker.

3 April 2023

Chau has been in Australia since 2019 when she moved over with her husband. They met while he was traveling in Vietnam. Chau is from Ben Tre, Vietnam, and got married to her husband in December 2019. The language barrier Chau faced when she moved to Australia made it difficult for her to understand people, particularly when they spoke fast. In May 2021, she enrolled in AMEP studying level II with our teacher Ariel, which allowed her to improve her English while gaining qualifications and working experience. Her participation in AMEP has also given her the confidence to communicate with her peers. The AMEP program was recommended to Chau by her sister who had previously completed it.

Having been in the AMEP program for one year, she gained the confidence to study for her Cert III in Early Childhood Education. She continued her studies while still enrolled in the AMEP program, which gave her the support she needed to finish her certificate. Before moving to Australia, Chau taught kinder in Vietnam.

While on placement, Chau received an offer of employment from the organisation as soon as she completed her Certificate III.

Currently, she is working as a childcare worker and plans to continue her studies later this year for her Diploma in Early Childhood Education.