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Dedication and Progress Pay Off: Vera’s story.

22 October 2023

Vera dedicated herself to the SEE program for a period of two years, demonstrating a strong commitment and passion. Throughout her time in the program, she made remarkable progress and showed significant improvement. In her first year, she successfully completed the EAL course, and in her second year, she earned a certificate I in EAL. Vera’s ultimate goal was to secure employment after finishing her SEE studies, and now she works as a small bus driver. She obtained her bus license and now transports primary school students to and from school three days a week. 

Vera attributes her success to the education she received from the SEE program at Community+. Prior to this, she worked at the Toyota factory, where most of her coworkers spoke Serbian, which didn’t allow her English skills to be challenged. Vera values the opportunity to make new friends, broaden her horizons, and learn about different cultures. She has also enrolled herself in the Skills First program, where she studies EAL twice a week while continuing to work part-time. After successfully completing the six-month period in the Skills First program, Vera aims to transition to full-time employment.