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All about our Chinese Bilingual AMEP class

26 October 2020

Did you know Learning for Employment has an AMEP class in Hoppers Crossing with a bilingual teacher – who speaks English and Chinese? Teacher Kathy Zheng previously ran this class on Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 3.30pm, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, this class is currently running online. The student cohort is a diverse class of pupils, with varying levels of English, all sharing the goal of improving their own personal English skills.

Kathy, who has been teaching the class since 2010, stated that students, ‘should be able to learn and improve their reading, writing and oral communication in English’ from completing this course. She went on to mention that many students who have completed the course have gone onto completing certificate I courses. This is largely thanks to their new confidence and the English skills they have learned.

When asked about what she enjoys most about teaching this class, Kathy said that, ‘Many of her students have very little English so they can’t understand what is taught in the class if the lesson is delivered in English only. Although they can use a bilingual dictionary or translation app to help them in reading, speaking is a big problem for them’. Kathy likes, ‘seeing students develop the interest in English learning and gain their confidence in language study.’

Our classrooms are relaxed environments and students are encouraged to support and help each other. If you or someone you would like to join our Chinese Bilingual AMEP class head HERE for our contact details.