Referring Agencies


Why refer to Learning for Employment (LfE) consortium?

We are a high quality provider with nearly 2o years’ experience delivering SEE (formerly LLNP) to jobseekers.

  • We deliver SEE with a focus on employability skills
  • Initial, Basic and Advanced levels of training available
  • All SEE training hours are delivered face to face
  • We deliver accredited curricula in SEE – CGEA and EAL Framework
  • Part-time or full time classes available at multiple sites in the West Melbourne, Inner Metro Melbourne, North West Melbourne, Barwon and Ballarat contract regions
  • We are community based and offer additional support services where needed
  • We have ongoing  intakes in SEE
  • Our teachers are highly qualified and dedicated
  • Client  outcomes are reported against the ACSF
  • We can provide you with updates on your clients attendance and progress

Who to refer?

  • All eligible clients aged 15 – 64 years who would benefit from FREE employability skills focused LLN training
  • English speaking and Non-English speaking clients
  • Early School Leavers
  • Mature age
  • Youth

How to refer?