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Award winning student

25 May 2023

Jane was in Learning for Employment’s AMEP class in Sunshine from August 2020 to December 2021. In 2021 she won the inaugural Anita Cutler Award, which is given annually to the most improved AMEP student at Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services.

Jane used the money from the Anita Cutler Award to enroll in a TAFE course in aged and disability care in 2022. She said that, ‘The course was a challenge. Most of the students were native speakers and I was the only one with a language barrier. I had to do more work to pass the assessments but I’ve made it. I’ve passed all the assessments and I’m just waiting for my work placement.’

Jane also did a two-week work placement at Braybrook Secondary College as a part of AMEP SLPET. Jane is still volunteering there now. She said that, ‘They’re nice people and I’m happy there. It is a good opportunity to practice my English with locals and to experience a work environment.’

As well as her studies and volunteering at Braybrook Secondary College, Jane is also an AMEP Volunteer Tutor. Since May 2021 she has been tutoring two students, one face to face in Sunshine and one in Ballarat who she tutors online.

Jane reported that she is enjoying all of her opportunities but, ‘the hardest part is the language barrier. I think if I do well in my work placement I will get a chance – an opportunity to work!’