Volunteer Home Tutor – Teaches to Student Needs

Christine Sullivan is a volunteer home tutor in the Learning for Employment (LfE) Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). Christine’s student Maha Saleh wanted to learn to drive so she could be independent. She wanted to take her children to childcare, doctors and various other family activities. Her husband was not always available as he works.

Christine assisted Maha in developing her language skills and helped her learn the road rules for her L Plate test. She worked hard and gained the confidence to ask questions. This allowed her to have a better understanding of some of the road rules, said Christine.

Maha’s focus and determination led to her achieving 88% in her written test which she successfully completed in English. Well done!

“I think that part of the reason for Maha’s success is because of our time together”, said Christine.

“I feel that our time together is always constructive and it allowed her to develop her understanding of life in Australia and to consider what she next wants to achieve’, said Christine.

The AMEP Volunteer Home Tutor program is a two-way relationship making a difference to students who need help in the English language.  It can provide new experiences and create new connections in a broad range of situations.

“I feel happy and motivated as a tutor with her success. It is also a learning exchange of cultures in that as we get to know each other we also get to know a little of each other’s families and heritage and this is as rewarding as working our way through the language units”, said Christine.

Volunteering as an English tutor is a rewarding experience!

If you are interested in being a home tutor please contact us on 1300 253 053 or here  for further information.