More than just English – Teaching students about responsible gambling

According to the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the City of Brimbank is ranked number 1 of 70 Local Government Areas for poker machine losses in Victoria. In light of this, today we hosted a speaker from Gambler’s Help.  Ian talked to all of our SEE students about responsible gambling.


The students revised gambling vocabulary and large numbers before Ian’s visit. According to our teachers, “All of the students know about gambling – even if they don’t want to share their experiences.”

After listening to the presentation they have a better understanding of gambling and the help that is out there if gambling becomes a problem. According to Sonia, a SEE teacher, “Students need to understand that gambling is a business and the business is making money out of it. Gamblers rarely win and if they do it is a fluke. You can’t beat gambling businesses.”

They also talked about the signs of a gambling problem and how if might affect other people. The students were also given information about how they can get help for themselves or someone they know who might have a gambling problem.