From SEE to university degree

Maria has only been in Djerriwarrh’s SEE program since March and is already moving on to bigger opportunities. After just five months in SEE, Maria has made an amazing leap to a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice at Victoria University.

Maria arrived in Australia from Greece with her Greek-Australian husband seven months ago. She was qualified in hospitality and tourism and worked in these areas in Greece, but her English wasn’t good enough for this work in Australia.

She started in the SEE program in March this year and has not looked back. ‘I knew English grammar and syntax but I couldn’t communicate. SEE helped me to meet new people and forced me to speak English.’ I asked Maria about her teachers at Djerriwarrh and she said that, ‘The teachers were good. They spoke clearly and I could understand them. Ama was a great teacher and she provided a lot of help. Andrew was very enthusiastic.’

Maria has now started a Bachelor of Criminal Justice at Victoria University. She hopes to become a police office or work in border protection or the court system.

Maria is an inspiration to other SEE students. I asked her if she had any advice for other SEE students.

‘If you come to Djerriwarrh, you will be given a lot of study and work opportunities. There are opportunities to go into other areas such as the Health Services Assistant course. Make the most of your opportunities.’