Meet the teacher – Julia

How long have you been teaching here?

17 years

How did you come to be here teaching in Djerriwarrh’s SEE program?

I taught languages in England for a short time before emigrating to Australia with my family. I didn’t think I could teach French and German in Australia so thought that English was the way to go. I did the necessary study to qualify as an ESL teacher and then worked as a relief teacher for AMES. I’ve tutored children and worked in aged care hostels. After teaching ESL in a variety of settings I applied to Djerriwarrh for a position and became permanent.

What do you enjoy about teaching SEE?

I like seeing students become more confident in their language ability and use.

Has something unusual or unexpected ever happened in one of your classes?

Once I was given a gift by an older student at the end of her course. Normally this would be chocolates an ornament or a scarf. I opened it up and there were 2 large pairs of knickers! Surprise!!

Do you have any advice for SEE students?

Yes I do. Use your English outside the classroom as much as you can. Review your lessons and practice reading sentences aloud, changing words around to improve your speech.