Meet the teacher – Peter

Peter has been teaching at Djerriwarrh for over ten years.  In 2005 he started out with some relief teaching in Sunshine and in January 2006 he had his first ongoing class in Melton.

Before coming to Djerriwarrh, he served twenty two years in the Air Force.

‘In the Air Force I worked in the education and training area. I only ever flew a desk!’

He completed a Bachelor of Arts in the Air Force and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education afterwards.

‘I taught a few years in a high school before getting my foot in the door at Djerriwarrh. I’ve never looked back since.’

Peter currently teaches a SEE class at Sunshine. Classes run Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Peter is also one of our teaching Team Leaders. I don’t know how he fits it in but he is also manages to be our Sunshine office IT expert. He deals with our day to day IT challenges in his calm, patient and unflappable manner.

I asked Peter what he enjoys about teaching SEE at Djerriwarrh and he immediately nominated the enthusiasm of the students. ‘I also feel as though I’m doing something worthwhile’. He also enjoys the atmosphere and camaraderie of the organisation.

When I asked Peter if anything unexpected had ever happened in his classes he said that sometimes misunderstandings happen. Once some well meaning students gave him a gift of champagne glasses inscribed with ‘Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary’. Peter would have to have been married before he was born!