Work experience builds on completed SEE program

Yi Yun Gong photoYi completed 800 hours of SEE training at Djerriwarrh in November 2015. When she finished she wanted to do something else to get closer to her goal of finding work in Australia. Yi’s teacher, Zorica, suggested that Yi could do some work experience in the office at Djerriwarrh.

Yi now volunteers at Djerriwarrh for three hours every Monday. She does basic administrative tasks such as filing forms, organizing files, data entry and helping out on reception. She also attended Djerriwarrh’s whole staff training day.  Yi was an accountant’s assistant in China and wants to use her skills.

I have some basic administrative skills and I am happy to use them. The staff here are patient. They teach me things.

Yi is enjoying her work experience. Although she has worked in administration before, she realizes that she has to improve her English to get that kind of work in Australia.

I speak my language at home and in my family. I do use English with other parents at my child’s school but we usually talk about the same things. Work experience gives me a lot of opportunities to speak in English. It pushes me to improve my English quickly.

Djerriwarrh staff have developed a structured program of tasks and supervision for Yi, so that she can make the most out of her work experience. Her assistance in administration and reception is greatly valued. Her manager Tracey says,

We’re really happy with Yi. She is switched on and always does her best.

When Yi needs it in the future, Tracey will be very happy to give Yi an excellent reference.