Visiting the Werribee Open Range Zoo


On Thursday 17 March, SEE students from Djerriwarrh in Sunshine visited Werribee  Zoo to attend a celebration for Cultural Diversity Week. Most of the students had not visited Werribee  Zoo before and many had not visited any zoo in Australia.

On the way to the Werribee Zoo we had lots of fun. We were talking and singing and were excited.

As well as going around the walking track, the students went on the guided tour on the Safari Bus. They saw zebras, rhinoceroses, giraffes, gazelles and many other animals. One of the highlights of the day was getting up close and personal with a lioness who was feeding her cub.


Another highlight was the Safari Bus. The bus allowed students to get closer to the animals.

We saw zebras. They were very beautiful and great!

The day at the zoo was organised by City West Water, the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Victoria Police, Fisheries, AMES, the Australian Federal Police, Ambulance Victoria and Parks Victoria. It was an opportunity for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to meet and learn about these services.

IMG_3751They asked us about dialing 000. They asked us if we could do it at any time of the day or night. They also talked about the things we might call for.

Everyone enjoyed their day out at Werribee Zoo.

On this journey I felt like I was going from the city to the country – the same as my home in Sudan.