Learning Takes You Places

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Originally from Burma, Pating left his homeland and migrated to Australia in 2006 with hopes of a better future for his family. Five months later, his wife arrived and together, they embarked on a new journey in this foreign land. Pating is now a proud father of three young children who also attend the weekly Burmese Playgroup at Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services.

“My English is very bad and I cannot find a job. I want to have better speaking, reading and writing in English,” shared Pating.

Pating was determined to learn the English language and was referred to the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program in July 2013. One year down the road, he has improved tremendously and is now able to read English books to his children.

“I learn English with my daughter everyday. She is very happy,” added Pating.

On top of that, Pating is learning hands-on skills in the mechanical field with the help of a classmate. He is creative and has an eye for detail in technical drawings. He learns through pictures and aspires to be a full-time vehicle mechanic in the near future.

As the saying goes, learning is a lifelong journey which will take you places.