Harry’s Journey as a SEE Teacher

english teacher

 Q: When did you commence teaching at Djerriwarrh?
A: I commenced teaching at Djerriwarrh in August 2010.

Q: Describe your SEE teaching experience.
A: Teaching SEE is a challenge where you look at your student’s educational and cultural background with an aim to produce a harmonious yet rewarding outcome for both student and teacher.

Q: What has been your most rewarding experience teaching at Djerriwarrh?
A: It is rewarding when I see my students who haven’t had a formal education in their country of origin take their first step to learn the English language.

Q: Tell us a little bit more about your students.
A: My students come from various cultural backgrounds. They come from as far as Burma, Vietnam, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Ethopia. Those from South East Asia have skills in reading and writing while those from the African continent have strength in listening and speaking.

Q: List a few words of encouragement to potential students of SEE.
A: Time; use it wisely. Patience; be patient to learn and never rush. Motivation; have that fire in your eyes and motivate yourself to achieve an activity no matter how difficult it is.