The Road to Success

Perseverance, enthusiasm and a positive attitude are values instilled in Mahasin’s everyday life. Mahasin, originally from Sudan migrated to Australia with her family 11 years ago. Born and raised in a family of ten siblings, Mahasin endured a difficult childhood with no formal education.

“I can only smile at people when I first came to Australia. English was very hard to learn,” shared Mahasin.

Fortunately for Mahasin, she met new and good friends in this foreign land. She was introduced to Djerriwarrh’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program by a friend and commenced learning in February 2014. A few months down the road, Mahasin has improved in her speaking and listening skills.

“I am very happy with the class and the teacher. The teacher is patient and gives us personal attention,” said Mahasin.

“I also like the class time because it helps parents like me to plan my housework and pick my children from school,” added Mahasin.

Apart from attending classes at Djerriwarrh, Mahasin enjoys meeting friends over coffee and continues conversing in English at all times. Her recipe for the road to success is not to be afraid of learning and to make mistakes because you will learn something each time.

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program can help you improve your English, reading, writing or mathematics for the workplace and further study. It is a free program for anyone aged 15-64 years who is a registered job seeker and offers up to 800 hours of training tailored to your needs.